Unusual Skincare Practices From The Past

Beauty may be eternal, but how people perceive it has changed with time. What is considered pretty today might have been seen as odd a century ago, and vice versa.

While some standards of beauty have endured virtually unchanged since the time of Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire and Classical Greece, others have shifted dramatically. Let us see some of the most unexpected skincare trends from the past:

Pale Skin

Until relatively recently, tanned skin was considered an undesirable trait among European women, as it indicated a woman who worked outdoors. The trend was all for pale, almost porcelain-white skin. To that end, women of the 18th century applied a type of toner made out of wine and strawberries to keep their complexions as pale as possible.

Beauty Patches

If you think modern tattoos are radical, think again. Women in the 17th century drew all kinds of shapes on their skin, including stars, moons, hearts, horses and more.

Dangerous Chemicals

Renaissance makeup was known to be extremely toxic, yet many women knowingly applied dangerous substances like ceruse to achieve unusually glossy and pale complexions.

Fruit Juice

At the other side of the spectrum, some old cosmetics were 100% natural and safe. Women in the 19th century used red beet juice to redden their cheeks.

Today, we know fully well that natural cosmetics are the way to go, and there really is no excuse not to go all-natural when it comes to cosmetics.


Welcome To Pure Natural Skincare By Essentiel Vie

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Sleep Yourself to A More Beautiful You

In today’s hectic world, women push themselves to excel personally and professionally. After all, who doesn’t want a successful career and a happy marriage?

However, when focusing on our goals, it’s easy to forget some simple daily things that can make a whole world of difference. One of these is your beauty sleep.

Sleep is crucially important to the health of your skin and your overall well-being. According to WebMD, sleep is the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth.

With enough sleep, science says you will enjoy several benefits, including:

More Collagen

Collagen is what keeps your skin firm and soft. Your body produces new collagen when you sleep, so if you are not sleeping enough, you are speeding yourself to premature aging.

Brighter Complexion

When you sleep, your blood flow is normalised, which makes your skin glow when you wake up. With inadequate sleep, your complexion will turn pale and dull.

Healthier Hair and Nails

Better blood flow also means fuller hair and stronger nails, as these are nourished while you sleep.

No More Baggy Eyes

The first symptoms of inadequate sleep is puffy eyes and dark circles. These are both easily fixable by sleeping at least eight hours every night.

So, now you know you can’t underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep for your health and beauty!


Argan Oil Is Your Best Friend Here Is Why

Used since times immemorial to treat skin diseases, Argan oil is a miraculous natural oil produced from the kernels of the Argan tree, also known as Argania spinosa, which is endemic only to Morocco.

Today, Argan oil has been rediscovered as one of the most powerful all-natural cosmetic products. These modern products leverage the power of Argan oil and its incredible potential uses in personal-use products that help reduce stretch marks and hydrate the skin, such as the Essentiel Vie stretch mark oil.

What makes Argan oil so special is the unique composition of ingredients found within the kernels of the Argania spinosa tree. Argan oil contains vitamin E, phenols, carotenes, squalene, and a blend unsaturated fatty acids.

The fatty acid profile of Argan oil is unique. Moreover, Argan oil has been shown to be less prone to oxidation than olive oil.

Moroccans have been using un-roasted Argan oil to treat all sorts of skin problems, as well as a cosmetic oil for their hair and skin. Even today, Argan oil is produced with traditional methods, carefully extracted by hand. This means that the total annual production of Argan oil is less than 2,500 tonnes, making it a much-sought after ingredient in the cosmetics industry.

So, when you see a cosmetics product with Argan oil, you can be sure it’s truly of premium quality.