Here at Essentiel Vie, we know how easy it is to become neglectful of our self care after having a baby. It is not always easy to find time for yourself when you become a parent, let alone work out which ingredients are in which skincare products.

If you are breastfeeding it is also important to know what ingredients are in products when it comes to selecting skincare that is suitable That is why we created Essentiel Vie.

Our brand is completely natural and is dedicated to making those choices easier for you with a range that caters for all areas of skin care from stretch mark recovery to daily moisturisers you can trust. Essentiel Vie products contain no chemicals whatsoever, are cruelty free, purely plant based and free from artificial ingredients.

Our premium skincare contains the very best botanical ingredients and pure healing essential oils that promote rejuvenation, hydration and healthy skin.Our focus is to help mums rediscover the importance of taking good care of their skin through the sleepless nights and long days that mums endure, whilst creating a skincare routine that is flexible and easy to manage with three simple products.

Essentiel Vie is on a mission to redefine the beauty industry by offering a unique and healthy take on skincare. By putting our heart, soul and passion for organic skincare into creating products with absolutely no nasty artificial ingredients.

We seek to be innovators of the industry by providing new mums with natural skincare solutions that offer incredible results.